The YCQ Parent-Teacher Organization is committed to one goal: showing hakarat hatov [gratitude] to our teachers and staff and enhancing the experience of our children. During the year the PTO arranges, coordinates, and hosts a wide range of events, campaigns and fundraisers to help us meet these goals. As parents and teachers, we are constantly involved with the school, to enrich the lives of our children.

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Latest News

Outlook Calendar Import 2021-2022

To all Parents and Families, as well as Teachers as Staff of YCQ,
This year, YCQ PTO is supplying...

YCQ Spring Supperette

This year’s Annual PTO Supperette was a huge digital success. The evening paid tribute to Mr. Gary Schwartzman,...

YCQ-PTO Annual Challah Bake with Mrs. Kosher Guru

Thursday evening, February 6, the PTO organized their annual Challah Bake. Bringing members of the Yeshiva and community...

YCQ Winter Carnival

On Motza’ei Shabbat, the PTO ran a winter carnival. Over two hundred students and parents enjoyed an evening...

Preschool Welcome Bash

This past Tuesday evening, The YCQ PTO once again hosted the Preschool Welcome Bash. Nursery and Kindergarten teachers,...

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YCQ-PTO Schedule 2021-2022

August 31
Preschool Welcome Bash
September 14
First PTO Meeting (Zoom)
October 19
PTO Fun Night
November 16
PTO Meeting
December 15
PTO Challah Bake
December 21
PTO Meeting
January 11
PTO Meeting
February 15
PTO Meeting
May 17
PTO Meeting

To Be Announced
PTO Supperette
Scholastic Book Fair

The PTO is always in action!  Keep an eye out for ways to support the YCQ through various volunteer opportunities at special events like the Siddur Presentations and Chumash Presentations!  

We like to surprise our student and teacher body with SWAG and are always looking for ways to add more spirit to the school.  

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