Parnes Hayom

We are pleased to report to you, that our Parnes HaYom program continues to be an amazing success, well beyond our expectations.

We thank those who have participated in the program your generosity has afforded you the opportunity to have our students learn and daven as a zchut/merit for your loved ones while supporting the operation of the yeshiva. As we continue this successful program, we would like to encourage you to renew your sponsorship for the upcoming year.

We would like to invite those who have not yet done so, to become Parnes HaYom patrons in support of our yeshiva and its students.

In order to ensure your date preference, please reserve your ‘Day of Learning’ at your earliest convenience. You may dedicate a day, week, month, or ‘day for life.’ Dedications can be for a refuah shelaima or to commemorate any occasion: yahrzeit, shloshim, birth, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary or just in honor of your child or grandchild.

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvot.

To make a Parnes Hayom Dedication, please fill out the form below: