We’re not just here for now, we’re here forever!

Dear friends:

Welcome to the YCQ alumni webpage.

You will be happy to know, our alumni are making a significant impact on the Jewish world and society at large. Whether you graduated last year or 65 years ago, we hope you consider your alma mater to be a part of your life.

Get Social!

Here’s what we are doing:

 • YCQ Alumni Association – In order to help our alumni keep in touch with each other and in order to enhance the relationship between the Yeshiva and its graduates, we have established an official YCQ Alumni Association.

 • Alumni Director – As the Director of Alumni Relations, I am available to answer your questions, provide opportunities for you to become involved, and to help organize activities and programs of interest to to you. 

 • Reunions – In the past two years, we have celebrated reunions for the classes of 1964, 1975, 2004, 2005, and we will be glad to do the same for your class.

 • Sport Events – We recently sponsored our first alumni basketball tournament – this one for our alumni currently in high school. We look forward to organizing many sports activities and programs for all our alumni.

 • Shiurim – To launch our alumni shiurim program, Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier (1974) of The Shmuz, gave a shiur on teshuva at the Yeshiva.

 • Database and Facebook Group – An accurate database is key to effective communication. With that in mind, please take a minute to update your contact information here, Alumni Survey Form. Also join our YCQ Alumni Facebook Group here, YCQ on Facebook to start reconnecting right now.

 We are very enthusiastic about our progress thus far. With your help, we can continue to build an organization that is dynamic, and worthy of your participation. Please contact me to see how you can get involved.