Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip

Friday June 2nd 2023

On a bright Wednesday morning, May 24, Grade 7 students embarked on a memorable trip to the historic city of Philadelphia.

Their first stop was the renowned Eastern State Penitentiary, a formidable structure with a captivating history. Walking through the eerie cell blocks, they listened attentively to gripping stories of famous inmates, and the impact of the penitentiary on the evolution of the American justice system.

Next, the students continued their journey through time by visiting Congregation Mikveh Israel, the oldest continuous synagogue in the United States. Students heard from the Associate Rabbi of the shul, Rabbi Yosef Zarnighian, who is a YCQ alumnus! They learned about the congregation’s enduring commitment to preserving their faith and the significant role it played in shaping the American Jewish identity.

Energized by their explorations, the Grade 7 students then embarked on a unique adventure with he Big Red Pedal Bike Tour. Students hopped on a special vehicle that requires its riders to pedal to move the giant bike. They worked together to casually pedal around Philly and stopped at historic sites during the tour.

On the way home, students stopped at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park for some bouncing fun and dinner. Throughout the day, the students embraced the opportunity to delve into history and witness the remarkable progress of a nation. Their visit to Philadelphia left an indelible mark on their understanding of American heritage and history.