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      Supply Lists 2022-23

      Dear parents,Please see below for supply lists for the upcoming school year. Download ...[Read More]

      Grade 5 Mishna-thon Luncheon 

      Our Mishna-thon was a smashing success. The Grade 5 students completed and were misayem Masechet Brachot twice in one day. Our students engaged in a meaningful Torah learning atmosphere, enjoyed refreshments, heard wonderful Divrei Torah, ate a catered lunch from Holy Schnitzel, and received an Art...[Read More]

      Holla If You Love Hatzolah! 

      On Tuesday some of the kindergartens were visited by Hatzolah. No, they weren’t sick, but they did have the opportunity to learn all about what Hatzolah does. Mr. Malakov, a kindergarten parent and EMT, taught the children all about how Hatzolah helps people. The children got to go into the ambul...[Read More]

      YCQ Wins The 2021-2022 MS Yeshiva Debate Society Championship By Eyal Traeger, Grade 8

      During 2021 and 2022, the YCQ Debate Team participated in the Middle School Yeshiva DebateSociety against many other schools. The students wrote speeches on a multitude of topics, such aschildren and electronic use and even taxes on chips, soda, and fast food. On Monday, May 23, the YCQ Debate T...[Read More]

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    Our Mission

    The Yeshiva of Central Queens is dedicated to providing our students with the best possible educational, social and emotional experience in a Torah environment. YCQ recognizes the unique qualities of each student and encourages the development of self-knowledge and awareness in a loving and accepting environment. Together with a strong academic program in Judaic and General Studies, YCQ imparts ahavat Yisrael, her people and her history. In addition, we instill an understanding and appreciation of the Hebrew language, Medinat Yisrael and our heritage.

    Our Vision

    Our goal is to cultivate in our students a desire for knowledge and a love for a Torah way of Life. We want to celebrate each achievement as they journey through our stimulating educational environment where they will find a high standard of learning, along with mutual respect and warmth; where every student feels welcome. Through a partnership between administration, faculty and parents every child will be guided to reach their fullest potential and gain a set of moral values based on honesty, integrity, trust and good judgment.

    Our History

    The history of the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) dates back to 1940 when New York City had 11 yeshiva day schools located in the other boroughs. Parents who wanted a yeshiva education for their children had to subject them to long daily commutes or have them live away from home. As a result, YCQ was established in 1941 to fill the need for quality local yeshiva education; reaching all parts of the large and continually growing borough of Queens and surrounding communities. After almost eighty years later YCQ remains a beacon of excellence in Jewish education. Thus bringing to fruition the dream of the Yeshiva of Central Queens founders, that a high-quality, nurturing Jewish education is always available and never far from home.