YCQ Museum of Early Childhood Art By Mrs. Sharon Korn

Friday January 14th 2022

If you want to see an amazing art exhibit, just come to the Kindergarten at YCQ. The children learn all about different artists and the styles in which they painted. One class learned about George Seurat and Pointillism. The children studied his paintings made of dots and then made their own dot paintings. Another class learned about Monet and Impressionism. Each child made their own water lilly. Another class learned about Degas and his painting called the Millinery Shop. The children designed their own hats in Degas style. The students learn that not all art is alike, and that there are many different ways to be creative.

One amazing aspect about our program is that we integrate art into all of our learning. When the children are writing they are also illustrating their sentences, and parsha is never just parsha. They always create a beautiful project to help them talk about Parsha at the Shabbat table. The three-year-olds painted the splitting of the sea on large brown paper. They walked through the sea with yellow paint on their feet, so they could see their footprints as they said goodbye to Mitzrayim. The four-year-olds made a sea that opens and closes with little people in the middle. One kindergarten made tambourines to reenact walking in between walls of water. Another class made a bird with a cereal chain to feed the birds on Shabbat Shira. Early Childhood wouldn’t be the same without art!