Western Hemis-Fair By Mrs. Melissa Cohen, ES Assistant Principal

Friday March 18th 2022

Grade 5 students put on an incredible, and super informative, Western Hemis-Fair this past Thursday and Friday. Every student in the grade participated in creating a board and model of a country, state, province, or national landmark within the Western Hemisphere. Some students even got into costume to showcase the culture of their area. Think, Green Bay Packers Cheese Head hat for Wisconsin, and a Kentucky Derby hat for Kentucky. Students in all grades came to visit the fair and were escorted by tour guides from the fifth grade, to stop by different boards and hear about each area. Family members were invited, and each student got to shine in portraying how much they learned about his or her country, state, province, or land mark. A huge shoutout to all the Grade 5 teachers on organizing and facilitating in making this fair a huge success! Please check out the YCQ Picture Gallery at ycqweb.com to see more beautiful projects.