Students from YCQ Attend NYPD Annual High Holiday Briefing

Friday September 23rd 2022

On September 21, alongside hundreds of police officers, politicians, journalists, community liaisons and representatives, ten Grade 8 students represented their yeshiva with maturity and poise. Each year, members of the NYPD including the Police Commissioner, Keechant L. Sewell, and the Mayor, Eric Adams, host a briefing to discuss the connection between the NYPD and the NYS Jewish communities on safety issues in the multitude of Jewish Communities, especially the safety issues present during the Yomiim Noraiim. The students and chaperones were afforded the opportunity to speak for a few minutes with Councilmember Lynn Shuman, who represents Forest Hills and Rego park where a large percentage of YCQ students reside. 

Mayor Eric Adams spoke for a few moments acknowledging that NYC has the largest number of Jewish residents outside Israel. He spoke on how he understands the importance of these holidays and NYC is preparing to keep us safe. The briefing was summed up and closed with the reminder that as partners of the NYPD, every citizen from children to adults play an important roll in keeping us safe. Thank you to Mrs. Jaffe and Mrs. Davidov for chaperoning the grade 8 representatives; Ava Blum, Aylea Moussaieff, Lily Hametz, Akiva Steinman, Jake Daniel, Assaf Davidov, Yair Davidov, Avigdor Zweinhorn, Gabriel Koptiev, and Daniel Rozic.