Space, The Final Frontier: An Interview With Mrs. Deena Lucks, Grade 3 Teacher

Friday April 29th 2022

We live during a time when space travel is becoming increasingly available to the public. What inspired you to create this project? Following the completion of our informational text unit on the solar system, my students were fascinated by all of the different planets that orbit around our sun. I began thinking of ways to incorporate technology into their blossoming interest in our solar system. We had watched several videos about the solar system, and we had even read a passage about the life of famous astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I knew that it was time for the students to use their computer skills to find out more about the planets. And so, the seed for this project was planted!

What did your students most enjoy about creating the travel brochures? There were so many parts of this project that my students enjoyed, that it is hard to choose a favorite! The students were thrilled to discover that there are websites about the solar system that are designed specifically for children. The websites use simple language and colorful illustrations (along with actual photos) to help bring the solar system to life. They enjoyed learning how the planets differ from, and are similar to, our own planet Earth. Finally, they loved creating their own colorful illustration of their researched planet, and showing off their finished projects.

If you could safely travel to another planet, which would you choose, and why? If I could travel to another planet, I would definitely choose Saturn. Through our research, we learned that Saturn’s rings are made up of rocks and ice. I think it would be so exciting to see those rings up close! Also, I would love to see the night sky on Saturn, a it has 62 moons! It might be difficult to know when Rosh Chodesh is on Saturn! I’ll definitely bring a calendar!

When do think space travel will be available to your students? I am not sure when space travel will be available to my students. However, I really hope that when they get to go to space, they remember to ask Mrs. Lucks to join them! I’m ready for the exciting trip! Until then, a trip to the planetarium will have to do!

Why do you think space travel is so compelling? Space travel is so compelling because space is one of the few frontiers left to be discovered. Despite how much we have learned about space, there is so much that we do not yet know. What happens inside black holes? Is there life on other planets? Are there any other planets that can sustain human life? I know that among my students, there are future astronauts, physicists, and engineers…all of whom will help uncover the mysteries of space! I can’t wait to see what these amazing children do to help space travel become a reality!