Preschool Bash 

Friday September 9th 2022

After an intense summer full of hard work and construction on the YCQ building, the building crew performed a miracle and helped the PTO in the launching of annual YCQ PTO Preschool Bash. New and returning families were able to see the amazing job that was done over the summer as they wandered through our beautiful lobby to attend a fun night. The Preschool Bash is an opportunity for new families to get to know the wonderful teaching staff of the school, and for students to get a chance to acclimate to a brand-new school year. This year was even more exciting as it was the first year of our 3PK program, and we had children aged 3, 4, and 5 in attendance.

The event was catered by Hot Spot BBQ and Grill, and they provided us with delicious BBQ style food with hotdogs, make your own sliders, chicken poppers, salads, and french fries. The students worked on a small project (in between French fry breaks) while Rabbi Landsman entertained the students with a fun icebreaker activity. Thank you to the amazing teachers who, after a long day, spent the extra time getting to know their students, displaying their usual warmth and care. The PTO also had the opportunity to introduce the new PTO co-president, Mrs. Eliana Langbaum, whose children are in Nursery, First, and Third Grade. Mrs. Langbaum will be serving as co-president with Mrs. Julie Faska during the 22–23 school year.

Thank you to the Bash committee members: Julie Faska, Eliana Langbaum, Rachel Stern, Aliza Peled, Valerie Olsen, Jenniffer Jaffe, Rochel Orenbuch, Natalie Nektalov, Daniella Shamaev, Ester Uvaydov, Daniella Dyckman, and Laura Schutzman, Rabbi Landsman, Morah Sharon, and all the Nursery and Kindergarten teachers for making the event a success. A special thanks goes to the building staff and crew: Rabbi Kofitz, Aaron Kessler, Richie and his team, who after intense weeks of getting the school ready for the first day of school, helped us in the preparations for the bash.