Polar Bears, Brachot and CountingWritten by Mrs. Sharon Korn, YCQ Director of Early Childhood

Friday February 11th 2022

What do all the kindergartens have in common? They are all busy counting. Why are they counting so much? Well, because we’re approaching the 100th day of school, of course. We’ve actually been counting since the very first day. The children are not only counting they are busy with all kinds of activities to get ready like making 100 day t-shirts. Some classes put 100 dots on their shirts and counted by tens. Some put finger prints and counted by fives. They are also making 100 bead necklaces and special hats. We’re so busy getting ready for the special day as we learn to count to 100 in different ways!

The four-year-olds are also counting as they are learning about different types of numbers. They have been introduced to ‘Odd Todd’ and ‘Even Steven.’ They know that if a number is ‘Even Steven’ everyone has a partner and if it is ‘Odd Todd’ someone stands alone. The children practiced the numbers using large dice and wipe off boards to make odd and even pictures.

The three-year-olds are just finishing their Bracha Unit with mezonot. They made beautiful bracha mobiles and will have a mezonot party, yum!! They are also continuing their unit on winter animals. This week they ‘ve moved on from penguins to polar bears. They will once again be polar bears in their habitat, and make their own bears! The learning and fun continues!