Patterns, Snowy Owls and Mystery Projects By Mrs. Sharon Korn, Early Childhood Director

Friday February 25th 2022

Patterns. Patterns. So many patterns. The three-year-olds has been learning all about patterns. They know what a pattern is and how to make one. They know, for example, that boy, girl, boy, girl, is a pattern, and they know how to complete that pattern. Working on patterns is fun and an important skill, since words are patterns of letters. The class is also continuing their unit on winter animals. This week they are learning about the Snowy Owl. They know that he likes the cold and snow, just like penguins and walruses, and is white like polar bears, so he blends in to his surroundings.Soon they will be creating their own snowy owls.

The four-year-olds have started a unit on special mitzvot. They will be learning about hachnasat orchim and bikur cholim. They are learning what the mitzvah is and how they can do it themselves.

All the kindergarten classes are making mystery projects. One class made beautiful masks. Another class is decorating special bags, and a third is making containers with big pom poms on them. As we approach Adar Bet, the children are just beginning to learn about Purim. Soon those projects will be a mystery no more!