Parshat Bo: The Mitzvot of Moshe in Mitzrayim By Betzalel Hativi (8B2)

Friday January 7th 2022

What was Moshe busy with before leaving Mitzrayim? Our rabbis tell us that when the Jews were getting ready to leave Mitzrayim they were supposed to collect the gold and silver from the Egyptians as Hashem promised them. But Moshe pushed off the mitzvah for later. Why? The reason for pushing it off was because Moshe went to do two mitzvot. Mitzvah number one was that Moshe went to cut down the trees that Yaakov planted when he came down to Egypt. Yaakov planted these trees because he knew that Bnei Yisrael would need them to build the beams of the Mishkan. The second mitzvah was to get Yosef’s bones, but Moshe didn’t know where they were buried because Yosef died sixty years before Moshe was born. Moshe met an elderly woman who was the daughter of Asher ben Yaakov, and she showed Moshe where the bones were buried. Moshe took Yosef’s bones out of Mitzrayim to bury him in Israel. In return, Hashem gave Moshe the honor of being buried by Hashem himself.