No Bean Stalks! By Mrs. Sharon Korn

Friday May 27th 2022

The weather is getting warm and summer is on it’s way. What better way to celebrate the season then to plant. Some of the Kindergarten students planted beans. They didn’t get bean stalks, but they grew really pretty plants. One class planted grass which grew really fast! Our nurseries are still charting the progress of their caterpillars, which are now in chrysalises. Any day now they will turn into butterflies. They also learned about tadpoles and frogs. The children made their own frogs. They also jumped and croaked like frogs. What fun!

The four-year-old Nursery students had their Siyum this week, as they finished learning the Alef Bet. Rabbi Landsman took out the Torah in the shul. Each child got to choose a letter in the Torah to read. The children each got an Alef Bet mug filled with Alef Bet cookies. Learning our Hebrew letters is sweet!

Though it rained on Lag Ba’omer, it did not dampen our spirits. Every class played games in their rooms, like “Duck, Duck, Goose” and “Musical Chairs.” The children ate a picnic lunch in their classrooms, and enjoyed marshmallows around a pretend indoor campfire. Everyone loved their rainbow ices!