New Student Program

Thursday September 15th 2022

This past Monday, Mrs. Elana Joffe, YCQ’s Social Worker, facilitated a student program welcoming YCQ’s new students. Each student was paired with an eighth-grade mentor who was handpicked based on his or her leadership qualities. The program commenced with each mentor introducing himself or herself to one new student, handing a school gift to his or her assigned new students and showing the student around the campus. Together with their mentors, the students participated in a group activity and enjoyed a snack. Mrs. Joffe and Rabbi Landsman warmly introduced each student and welcomed them to the YCQ family. 

Thank you to our eighth graders who assisted with this wonderful program and introduced the new students to everyone: Aylea Moussaiff, Avital Levy, Emily Akbashev, Lily Hametz, Avigail Rachmanov, Ava Blum, Michele Allayev, Yardena Aharonoff, Rena Schwartz, Erin Cohen, Hadar Basalel, Daniella Chacham, Michael Zavulun, Aharon Feder, Aviel Babaev, Gabriel Koptiev, Assaf Davidov, Nathanial Babakhanov, and Yair Davidov. We look forward to a productive and exciting school year.