Mix It Up

Friday March 4th 2022

The JHS members of the Anti-Bullying Club “Mix It Up” went into all of the Elementary School classes and shared some of their knowledge about bullying through books, presentations, and interactive games. You could feel the excitement as pairs of Grade 7 students read incredible stories and taught meaningful lessons to the younger students. There is no better way to show how much it hurts to be “left out,” and how important it is to treat each other with respect than by empathy from the older students in the school. According to Grade 7 student Layla Eisenberg, “It was such an amazing experience to work with Grade 4 and see how much they wanted to learn how to stop bullying. They told us how relevant our presentation was and they enjoyed it so much!” This outreach is an incredible way to promote inclusion in our school. Other Grade 7 students, Akiva Steinman and Yair Davidov, were so impressed with the Grade 1 class. They said that, “The kids were so enthusiastic and excited to participate in their lesson.” Thank you to the Grade 8 leaders of this committee: Shira Dishi, Pauline Tawil and Tehila Kaffash for their hard work. Mrs. Maisel remarked, “Thank all of the administrators and teachers for their flexibility and guidance. When given the chance to be right or to be kind – CHOOSE KIND”