Mike and Ike and Marshmallow Towers By Yonah Gold and Jonathan Shamayev, Grade 5

Friday November 12th 2021

This Tuesday the students of Class 5-300 at YCQ attemped to build the largest tower out of Mike and Ikes and marshmallows. They had two small packs of Mike and Ikes, a decent number of marshmallows and about 20-30 toothpicks. In class 5-300 we had many different strategies, and the towers took on many dimensions. Some students stacked high, and the towers came crashing down. Many kids had difficulty, and many did it with ease! When they were all finished, they got to eat all the candies that they were given to build their structure! The winner was Jacob Geula, in second place was Naftali Hativi and in third was Nehorai Avramcheyiv.