Grade 4 Melave Malka and Kumzits

Friday February 11th 2022

The Grade 4 Boys and their families enjoyed a fun filled Melave Malka on Motzei Shabbat, February 5. The boys learned to make their own tzitizit by hand, led by Rabbi Soffer, YCQ Elementary School Grade 4 Rebbe. Everyone appreciated the delicious dairy buffet provided by Bravo Pizza Queens. And when it couldn’t get any better, young singing sensation Moshe Avidgor appeared.

Rabbi Michael Ribalt, YCQ Elementary School Assistant Principal, remarked, “We wanted to create an event where the students had an opportunity to grow spiritually, and have an informal experience with their classmates and families. One of the many highlights of the event was our kumzits led by Moshe Avigdor, a rising Jewish music artist. He led the students in a spiritual and meaningful musical experience where the students were able to sing with their classmates and families.”

When asked how the students responded to the activities, Rabbi Ribalt responded, “They truly enjoyed the program. There was something for everyone, both ruchani and gashmi. All the students enjoyed the scrumptious food, and some really appreciated the hands-on mitzvah of tying tzitzit. Others really enjoyed the singing, and the ruach.”

We want to thank Ms. Shirley Pourad and Rabbi Ribalt for planning and organizing the event, and Mrs. Rebecca Kossof and Ms. Sara Shenas for their help in making this creative and highly anticipated Melave Malka happen.