Magnets, Walruses, and Presidents, Oh My! Written by Mrs. Sharon Korn, Director of Early Childhood

Friday February 18th 2022

What do magnets, walruses, and Presidents all have in common? They were all part of learning in the preschool this week in YCQ.

The kindergartens had fun with magnets, with Mr. I The Science Guy. He showed the children how magnets can either repel or attract to each other depending on which side you use. The children then experimented to see which metals would stick to the magnets. Best of all, each child was given their own strong magnet and paper clips and told to build something. Some children made flowers, others made houses, or chains. All learned that the paper clips actually became magnetized when they touched the real magnet. Isn’t science amazing?

The three year olds are still in the North Pole as they continue their unit on winter animals. After learning about penguins and polar bears this week the class moved on to walruses. They know that walruses have tusks and whiskers. They live in ice and snow just like the penguins and polar bears. I guess the children will be back in their winter habitat swimming around. And of course they’ll be making walruses of their own!

The four year olds are learning about Presidents in honor of President’s Week. They are learning about what a president does, and about the faces on pennies and dollar bills. They’ll even be making president necklaces! Magnets, walruses, and Presidents, indeed!