Introducing The YCQ 2021 – 2022 Powerhouse Debate Team

Friday November 19th 2021

Three YCQ Debate Team tryouts were held to make sure everyone got to present not only once, but twice! This was to make sure the selection was ultra-fair, with input from the four Grade 8 Captains. Reports Mr. Ehrenkranz, “Debate competition has appropriately been characterized as a game of intellect. In fact, I consider debate a sport. Debaters are judged on the skill manifested in their performances. As is the case with nearly all sports, the excitement of aspiring to defeat your rivals, and the suspense and anticipation of the judge’s scoring, promote the enkindling of the whole team. First Debate: December 15, 2021.”

The team is made up of: Emily Akbashev, Elianah Aminova, Liora Ashurov, Max Basalely, Assaf Davidov, Yair Davidov,
Jonathan Kaimov, Adam Pinkhasov, Ariel Pinkhasov, Rebecca Sisser (Captain), Akiva Steinman, Sarah Sullivan (Captain) Pauline Tawil (Captain), Ben Toobian, Eyal Traeger (Captain Michael Zavulun