Interview with Coach Evan Daniel

Friday January 14th 2022

What is your favorite aspect of running the sports program at YCQ? I’ve always played and coached to win games and the support I’ve gotten from the administration including Rabbi Landsman and Rabbi Hamel has been tremendous from Day 1. Some schools treat sports as just another after school program but our leaders care about our success and that is very meaningful to me. It has helped me build great relationships which I is why I have been with YCQ for 16 years. 

How are this year’s YCQ players unique? On a personal level this is the first official year where I get to coach my son, Jake. Jake has been coming to YCQ practices and games for 8 years since he was in Kindergarten but is finally an official member of the team. It is unique that I get to coach him and his friends and different for me to separate “dad” from “coach.”

Do you have advice for yeshiva students who are participating in team sports? My advice is to think big picture and appreciate the opportunity to be part of a team and out playing organized sports, especially during a time where so many kids are forced to “pause.” Being part of a team is a privilege whether you are a starter and play an entire game or a backup who plays sparingly. Everyone has a role to fill and should embrace that responsibility. 

Thank you Coach Daniel for your dedication to our athletes!