Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress

Friday May 20th 2022

Winners of The YCQ Science Fair recently attended the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress held at HALB. The Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress was established as a positive and rewarding learning experience. Participating yeshivot send their best science fair project winners to a competition. Neutral judges evaluate students’ work on the basis of physical demonstrations and oral presentations. YCQ Grade 6 students presented their winning YCQ Science Fair projects: Avner Itzhakov (6B2) “Testing Starch with Iodine,”Justin Schikman (6B2) “Is Your Thermometer Accurate,” Talya Shalamoff (6G2) “Bridge vs Brick,” and Avigail Lalehzari (6G2) and Liat Pinhasov (6G2) “Salad Science.” We are very proud of our YCQ Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress participants