Healthy & Wise: Nutrition Edition By Ms. Aliza Solomon, ES Teacher  

Friday March 11th 2022

Since winter vacation, the students have been learning about the 5 Food Groups and making healthy food choices. We learned that junk food is not its own food group because we only want to eat it once in a while, as it could lead to cavities or a stomach ache. We also learned that it is important not to skip meals because we need all the vitamins and energy to get through our day in school to work and have fun. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even though it is often the hardest one to make time for. It’s good to try new foods, especially at dinnertime, because you never know if you might like it and it could be healthy. As we get older our tastes change so we might like something as an older child or adult that we didn’t like when we were younger. But don’t eat too close to bedtime because our bodies need time to digest what we ate and settle down to sleep through the night. Try to have at least 3 food groups in each meal so you can get as many vitamins as possible. The healthier we eat, the better we will feel, look, and the more we will grow.