Grade 7 Girls Volunteer For CHAZAQ “Power Up Campaign”

Thursday November 4th 2021

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, the Grade 7 girls had the opportunity to join CHAZAQ in their annual telethon. CHAZAQ is an organization in the Jewish community, whose mission statement is “building communities.” CHAZAQ holds lectures on health and finances to support anyone in need. It also places Jewish students whose families cannot afford Yeshiva tuition into Jewish schools. Additionally, CHAZAQ runs a weekly food pantry for those struggling to put food on their tables. After recognizing the importance of what CHAZAQ does for our community, they felt they HAD to help. CHAZAQ ran a 36-hour Power Up campaign to help raise $1.3M in funds for their
important work. The girls participated by making calls to donors directly from CHAZAQ HQ. With every phone call they made, they informed the donors that every dollar is matched. The girls were Baruch HaShem very successful and had a blast while being a part of a very special mitzvah! Yasher Kochachen to the 7th grade girls! CHAZAQ couldn’t have reached their goal without you! Thank you Mrs. Willig, YCQ JHS Chesed Coordinator, for creating and facilitating this wonderful opportunity!