Grade 6 Girls Create Authentic Israeli Shuk

Friday February 4th 2022

In Honor of Tu B’Shevat, Grade 6 Girls created a Shuk Tu B-Shevat so the entire school could experience Israeli culture. The girls learned all about Tu B’Shevat, the Shivat Haminim, and formed groups. They “sold” each of the Minim, and other Israeli treats, to the rest of the school using “Shekalim.” Songs were sung, food was eaten, and brachot were made. The decorations, smells, and sounds felt like a real shuk in Israel.

YCQ JHS Morah Rina Bienenfeld expressed, “The Grade 6 Girls prepared booths with sign boards depicting various types of foods seen around shvakim. We had many stalls set up, including fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, shivat haminim, bakery, candy, and drinks. Our YCQ staff set up the room to look like an Israeli market, with palm trees and Israeli flags. With the decorations, music, smells, and flavors, it felt like we were in Israel!

My favorite part of creating Shuk Tu B’Shevat with the Grade 6 Girls was watching their excitement and enthusiasm as they prepared. I enjoyed seeing the girls take leadership positions in their groups. They knew that because of their hard work, they were creating long lasting memories.

Thank you Morah Shirley Pourad, Mr. Kevin Jimenez, and the YCQ Kitchen Staff, for their organization and efficiency leading up to Tu B’Shevat. I must thank Morah Alyssa Schussheim for giving me big shoes to fill and supporting me throughout the entire process.”

Thank you, Morah Bienenfeld, and the Grade 6 Girls, for bringing a true Israeli experience to YCQ.