Grade 5 JHS Night!

Friday May 27th 2022

The positive energy was palpable as the incoming Grade 6 students sat with their parents to learn about the Junior High School and the transitions that they can expect.

Rabbi Landsman addressed the entire group and quoted a story from Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski of blessed memory. He described how the lobster sheds its protective shell in order to grow. This process is difficult for the lobster and leaves him vulnerable. However, it is necessary in order for him to grow and develop. Similarly, the beginnings of Junior High may have some discomfort, which is inherent to change, but a necessary part of development. Rabbi Landsman reassured the crowd that we will be there to support and guide the students through it.

The girls had a rotation of rooms to visit where they met Morot, Rabbi Hamel, and Mrs. Elana Joffe, the school Social Worker. The boys remained in the multi purpose room where Ms. Schlisser addressed them. She spoke about academic and life skills that are taught in JHS such as digital citizenship, responsibilities, note taking, study skills and time management. She encouraged the participants to visit her office and discuss anything they like.

Dr. Emily Witty, the K-8 ELA coordinator presented the critical skills that are the focus in JHS as well as the data driven instruction that takes place. Mrs. Esther Lowinger, the 5 – 8 Math Chair explained how students are tracked in math classes, and encouraged parents to partner with teachers via Parent Locker. Ms. Michali Betesh, a Math Teacher and YCQ graduate, warmly welcomed the students. Mrs. Hindy Howitt, the 6th grade Social Studies Teacher, presented how Ancient Civilizations are taught with connections to Jewish History. Mrs. Jen Jaffe presented the updated computer curriculum and the hands on science programs.

This was then repeated with the girls while the boys rotated rooms, much like they will in a typical day of departmentalized learning. Rabbi Hamel gave each attendee a plus five point card to be applied to any test of their choice. The evening concluded with warmth and anticipation of a successful start in September.