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Food Chain Projects by Naftali Hativi, Jacob Geula, and Eli Samet

Friday February 4th 2022

In Classes 5-300 and 5-301, we had a project to make food chains of nature. Some children had land food chains, mixed food chains, and water food chains. In our project we had to have one producer, three consumers, and one decomposer. For an example of a land one, the project would sound like grass gets eaten by the grasshopper, and the grasshopper gets eaten by a rat, and then the rat gets eaten by a snake, and then when it dies the mushroom absorbs the nutrients out of the snake. An example of a mixed food is, grass gets eaten by a grasshopper, the grasshopper gets eaten by the frog, then the frog gets eaten by the hawk. When the hawk dies, the mold absorbs the nutrients out of the hawk. Both classes 5-300 and 5-301 had fun during this project.