Fom Purim To Pesach By Mrs. Sharon Korn, Early Childhood Director

Friday April 1st 2022

As everyone knows, once Purim comes, Pesach can’t be far behind. Last week, all the classes in the Early Childhoood Program hit the ground running. There is so much to learn and do to get ready that there isn’t a minute to waste. The three-year-olds are making a Haggada they can actually read! The four-year-olds are making an interactive Haggada that guides them through every step of the seder and the kindergarteners are actually writing their own Haggadas. This along with everyone making seder plates, Matza covers, afikomen bags and more, is keeping us quite busy. Learning about the seder, the laws of Pesach, and the Mah Nishtana is exciting and fun. With so much to learn and do how can we possibly get it done in time? Somehow when Pesach starts, we are always ready!