Elementary School Prep For Pesach

Friday April 1st 2022

While many families have begun engaging in different minhagim such as cleaning one’s home and not eating matza in honor of being only a month away from Pesach, the students in YCQ have begun to prepare themselves for the beautiful Chag. The elementary school put all their mishloach manot and costumes away and began a journey of reviewing the laws of Pesach as well as the Haggada. Our students in Grades 1-5 have begun reading and learning the text of the Haggada, as well as began understanding the hidden meanings of the Seder. For example, Morah Fried’s Grade 5 girls learned how Bnei Yisrael were able to keep certain aspects of their Judaism alive while they were in Egypt, which helped them still feel a strong pride in being part of Am Yisrael when they left Mitzrayim. A very important message for today: be proud of who we are, and how amazing it is that we are part of Am Yisrael. Rabbi Lemann’s class has analyzed the different parts of the Seder and the students are sharing divrei torah with each other, creating rich dialogue and thoughtful conversation. Our students are engaging in meaningful conversations that will help our students understand the beautiful connection we have with Chag HaPesach. In addition to our in-class preparations, Rabbi Ribalt is also working with his team to prepare a beautiful model Seder for Grade 1 students. The Elementary School is looking forward to an amazing month of Nissan to continue preparing and learning about our special Chag!