Early Childhood, What Do You See? By Mrs. Sharon Korn, Early Childhood Director

Friday March 11th 2022

The three-year-olds in YCQ have been busy looking all over. Why? Because they are learning about the sense of sight. They played “I Spy” and “What Is Missing.” They read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and made their own binoculars. Every class in the preschool has been very busy getting ready for Purim. Some classes made beautifully decorated Shalach Manot bags while others used boxes and cans. All are works of art! Of course, everyone made magillot and groggers as well. Somehow the preschool children worked their magic, and managed to turn ordinary water bottles and paper towel rolls into beautiful and fun groggers. We can’t wait to use all our beautiful projects on Purim, and we can’t wait to celebrate Shushan Purim in YCQ!