Early Childhood Program Update: “All About Me” and Learning Parsha

Friday November 18th 2022

The three-year-old and four-year-old classes have been participating in a unit called “All About Me.” The children are learning about what makes each of them unique and special, and also how they are the same. They have measured themselves using building cubes. One class even measured their feet. The fours painted self portraits and the threes made family trees. They will learn next about how to be a friend and part of a class.

The Kindergarten classes have had so much fun making Parsha come alive. Last week, we learned about Avraham, and the students invited each other to share treats to experience Hachnasat Orchim like Avraham. This week the children learned about Sara, and how Yitzchak found a wife. They learned the medrash of how the candles, the challahs, and the cloud returned to Sara’s tent when Rivka and Yitzchak got married. The classes made candle holders they can actually use – we can’t wait to learn next week’s Parsha!