Early Childhood Program: Torah and Science Together!

Friday December 24th 2021

The spotlight was on science in Early Childhood this week. The Kindergarten students performed experiments with Mr. I The Science Guy (Mr.Jacob Itzhakov), mixing oil and brightly colored water. They discovered that no matter how hard they stirred the mixture the two always separated. Then they put some Alka Seltzer in the glass. Bubbles began to form in the oil. The bubbles went up and down. The children added a little light, and they created a beautiful lava lamp. Amazing!

In the Nursery classes, Torah and science were on the agenda. As the children learned about baby Moshe and his basket floating in the river, the discussion turned to sink and float. In the three year old class, every child got four items; a penny, a foam block, a paperclip, and a plastic bear. The children experimented with the different objects to see which would float and which would not, and charted the results. In the four year old class, the students also experimented with sink and float. The first day they experimented with solid items. The second day they used items with holes in them to compare the different outcomes. In this way, they were able to understand how the basket could float. These experiments helped the children relate to the parsha, and made it come alive!