Early Childhood Program: Many Makkot

Friday January 7th 2022

Last week the Parsha left us wondering how the makkot would end and whether the Jewish People would ever leave Mitzrayim. The nursery classes acted out the makkot. The three-year-olds froze their movements in a darkened room, and the four-year-olds wore sunglasses in a dark room which made it even darker, and they experienced what Makkat Choshech must have been like. The nursery classes made a dark and light project, and a makkah wheel to depict all ten makkot.

Kindergarten classes learned about the last three makkot and created their own projects. One class made a large mitzri and put the makkot all around him. Another class made a dark and light project using crayon resist. The children drew a Jewish person in crayon and then painted black paint over the whole page. The crayon resists the paint and is not darkened just like the Jewish People did not experience the plague of darkness. Another class wrote about each makkah and saved their writing for their Haggadot. We now know about matzah and how the makkot end. We wonder what will happen to the Jewish People in the next parsha. Stay tuned!