Early Childhood Parshat Vayigash: Mrs. Sharon Korn

Friday December 10th 2021

This week the preschool was very busy learning Parshat Vayigash. The three-year-old nursery students learned about Yaacov and his family traveling down to Mitzrayim by wagon. They made their own wagons and glued in pictures of what they would take if they were traveling. This helped make the Parsha relevant to them. In the four-year-old nursery, the Morot took out play food and play money and reenacted what Yosef was doing with the food in Mitzrayim, so that the children could understand Parsha on their own level. The kindergarten students learned about Serach, and how she sang to Yaacov that Yosef was still alive so as not to shock him. The children made harps to dramatize this part of the story. One kindergarten class talked about how the brothers didn’t recognize Yosef. Each child got a large photo of themselves and was told to add something to it to make themselves look different. In this way they would be able to understand how people can look different after many years. Each class learned Parsha in their own way. All the teachers made Vayigash come alive by making it relatable to the children’s life experiences. What an amazing way to learn Torah!