Community Helpers Visit During A “Snow Storm!”

Thursday December 30th 2021

This week was Community Helper Week in Early Childhood. The students in the three-year-old class class learned all about how to take care of their teeth from a dentist that visited the classroom.They met with Officer Cruz to learn about how the police and security keep us safe. They will be talking to the mailman to learn about his job, and an EMT from Hatzolah will be visiting to teach them about how he helps people who are hurt or sick. The The four-year-olds made a beautiful book that shows all they learned about Community Helpers.

Winter has begun! There’s no snow outside but there’s plenty of snowflakes and snowmen in the kindergarten of Y.C.Q. The children had fun cutting out their own snowflakes. Just like the real ones no two are alike. The classes all made snowmen. Some needle pointed them some made them out of cotton puffs while others used Styrofoam. All the classes wrote about what they would like to do in the snow when it does start coming down. What a busy week we had!