Color War 2022 – Congratulations Yellow And Blue!

Friday May 27th 2022

Lag Ba’Omer Color War in Grades 1-5 was a colorful success! Four teams in each grade (Red, Blue, Yellow, and White) competing in different categories, each student had a chance to shine! It was a day packed with relay races, Kahoot trivia games, cheers, Hakarat Hatov letters, dances, games, and a special BBQ to celebrate Lag Ba’Omer! Every student, class, and team brought their very best effort. Congratulations on the win, YELLOW TEAM!

JHS Color War was a roaring triumph! Students in Grades 6-8 divided into the Blue Team and Red Team. Each student had the opportunity to participate in an array of different activities. They shined at banner, stomp, dance, song, games, sports, and so much more. There was Ruach and Achdut. Everyone had an absolute blast. Special thanks to Mrs. Aliza Willig for arranging all the teams and activities, and to the Generals and Captains for leading their teams. BLUE TEAM won this year, but everyone can agree that it was a Color War for the books!