Boys 2022-2023 Basketball Season Begins! An Interview with Coach Josh Normatov

Friday November 11th 2022

Why did you decide to coach the YCQ basketball team? Growing up in Kew Gardens Hills I had a lot of friends who went to YCQ, and although I went to Yeshiva Har Torah I took a lot of pride in my neighborhood’s and friends’ success on the basketball teams, except for when they beat us in middle school many, many times. When I heard there was an opening coaching the JV Team I jumped on the opportunity, because I was this age when I first got into playing basketball competitively. 

What are your goals for the year? One of my goals is to develop a sense of teamwork among the boys, to show that as individuals they’re good, but as a team no one can beat them. Our realistic goal as a team is a championship. Plain and simple. We’re all developing and learning to play more as a team and trust one another, and we all understand that being selfish won’t help on the court and won’t help off the court, outside of basketball as well. 

Which strengths does the team already have? Our team right now is led by very mature players who are great shooters, willing passers, and tenacious defenders. The boys are great listeners, and really have the desire and hunger to be better players, not only as individuals but as a team as well. 

What are you most looking forward to this season? As B’nei Torah we believe that united we can overcome anything, but divided, we fall. We need to learn to trust one another, and if we do, I have no doubt in my mind that this team is more than capable of winning many games this season and winning the championship.