Berachot, Tapping, and Winter Animals

Friday February 4th 2022

Now that we are back from winter vacation, the preschool hit the ground running!

Our three year olds are learning all about berachot. They are even making a washing cup for the beracha they just learned, Hamotzei. They also started a unit on winter animals. They learned about penguins and how they live in the cold weather. Children walked like penguins in a penguin habitat. These penguins couldn’t resist having a “snowball” fight. Afterwards they made their own penguins.

The four year olds are also busy learning about berachot. They made a beautiful beracha recipe box. There is a section for each beracha, pictures of items that go with the beracha, and a recipe for a food that corresponds to the beracha.

Our kindergarteners are also concentrating on berachot this week. They are making a bracha book and beracha placemats to remind them of all the berachot. They are also working on tapping. The children are practicing tapping out the letters sounds in consonant vowel consenent words. They are using this new skill to sound out words to write all about berachot as well as winter vacation.