Author Paul Czajak Visits YCQ Library

Friday May 27th 2022

After much anticipation and preparation for his visit, picture book author Paul Czajak finally arrived on Wednesday, May 25 to present an inspiring and interactive presentation for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at YCQ! Mr. Czajak is the author of Trees Make Perfect Pets, The Book Tree, and the “Monster and Me” series. Mr. Czajak emphasized that all his creative book ideas came from a wide range of people, places, and books. The author invited several children to create their own personal stories using a model that all tales have a beginning, a middle, and an end. There is always a what, why, conflict (or problem), and resolution (or end). The students were prompted with each to combine their separate efforts into a creative story of their own. Mr. Czajak further emphasized that all good stories require frequent revisions. None of his successful books were perfect the first time, as all needed up to five or six corrective efforts. The final message to our impressionable students at the end of this memorable program is that writing requires practice and patience, and we all have memorable ideas that can transform from a simple story into a book. Thank you, YCQ PTO, for generously making this event possible.