A Purim Wow! By Mrs. Sharon Korn, Director of Early Childhood

Friday March 25th 2022

The Early Childhood Purim celebration in YCQ was “Wow!” First, the early childhood students enjoyed the big school carnival. They jumped on a bouncy ride, climbed a bouncy obstacle course, and slid down a bouncy slide. They played skee-ball and enjoyed on a virtual ride. The classes then attended the Early Childhood Carnival. All the games were homemade. The children knocked down Haman, and then had to get the ball into the door of the palace. They searched for Purim characters in a large sand-filled container. When the carnival was over, everyone displayed their costumes in a Purim Costume Parade. The costumes were organized by category: super heroes, animals, community helpers, and more. Our students celebrated with Purim music and dancing. For the grand finale, every class enjoyed a Purim banquet lunch. An amazing time was had by all!