5th Grade’s Epic Overnight to Frost Valley

Friday February 18th 2022

Grade 5 went on an overnight trip to Frost Valley in Upstate, NY. The students enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking, snow tubing, cross country skiing, flying fish, and broomball. They bonded with friends, played games in their cabins, and ate delicious food made by their teachers! Nature was the main focus of the overnight, with the students enjoying fresh snow and a Birds of Prey show. Here’s what some students had to say about the trip: Eitanyah Ben-Yehuda loved playing Broomball because it combined soccer and hockey. Abby Friedman had the best time hanging out with her friends at night with pjs, snacks, and games. Leo Grossman loved the Flying Fish activity best because he felt like he was flying in the air. Special thanks to Rabbi Landsman, Mrs. Cohen, and all the Grade 5 Teachers for accompanying the students on this trip, and making it an unforgettable experience!