100 Days in 100 Ways! By Mrs. Sharon Korn, Early Childhood Director 

Friday March 4th 2022

How many ways can you count to 100? The kindergarten has been counting the days since the beginning of school, and celebrated the 100th day of school this week! They were able to count in so many ways. The children all wore the 100 day shirts they made. Even the Marot wore 100 day shirts. In some classes each child brought in a project made out of 100 things .For example: Liah made a big heart out of 100 little hearts. Liav made a 100 eyed monster. Assaf made a rocket ship with 100 stars surrounding it, and Karni made a picture with 100 Legos. All of the projects were clever and creative! Some classes did a 100 penny scavenger hunt. The pennies were hidden around the room. As the children found them they put each penny on a square on a chart until all the squares were filled. All 100 pennies were found! One class divided into groups. Each group was given 100 cubes and told to work together to build one structure. All the classes wrote something about 100. Another class dressed up as a 100 year old people, and wrote about what they would do at 100 years old. A different class wrote about what they learned in the first 100 days of school. And an additional class wrote about what they would buy if they had $100.The classes made 100 bead necklaces, and necklaces out of fruitloops, which quickly became a lesson in subtraction. All the children enjoyed black and white cookies which they decorated with chocolate chips pretzles and crackers to spell 100. How many ways can you count to 100? Why 100, of course.