100 Days and New Organizational Ways By Mrs. Melissa Cohen, ES Assistant Principal of General Studies

Friday February 25th 2022

Happy 100th Day of School! On Wednesday, Grade 2 students participated in a special 100th Day Celebration. The entire grade got together in the lunchroom where they played a fun game of 100th Day Bingo, followed by an amazing “trail mix party” where each student counted out 10 groups of 10 different yummy snacks to enjoy! The students then returned to their classrooms where they competed with each other in an exciting game of 100th Day Kahoot! Our students really enjoyed this special day. 

Grade 5 participated in organizational workshops, given by our Mrs. Elana Joffe, School Social Worker. The students learned different tools to help them keep their workspace and materials organized, as well as strategies on how to manage their workload and test schedule to help them further succeed in school. Part of the workshop focused on keeping lockers, knapsacks, and desks neat and organized, as well as proper time management when completing tasks. We are excited to see how Grade 5 implements these new skills into their daily routine!