PTO Supperette

Thursday June 10th 2021

This year’s Annual PTO Supperette was a huge success. The evening paid tribute to Mrs. Debbie Bermish and
Morah Raina Popowitz, two incredible educators, on their retirement, following many years of teaching our
students and shaping their lives. The event also honored longtime YCQ faculty members, Morah Suri Friedman
and Rabbi Finkelstein and graduating PTO parent, Mrs. Ariella Levine. The Supperette Committee worked hard
to bring us together to show hakarat hatov to colleagues, children’s teachers, and to spend a fun evening with
friends enjoying a delicious meal catered by Soy Sauce. A special thank you goes to the Mrs. Julie Faska and the
rest of the Supperette committee for planning such an enjoyable evening.

This past week, both nursery classes got together in the shul to celebrate
finishing the Aleph Bet! Rabbi Landsman came and took the Torah for the
students to see. Each child had a chance to go up to the Torah and pick
out a letter that they knew. What an amazing experience, we were so
proud of all the children. Thank you so much to the Morahs who worked so
hard with the children all year to bring them to this stage! May we
continue to see so much nachat as they grow and learn to read the letters

This past Monday, the eighth grade students were off to Six
Flags Great Adventure for Part 2 of their graduation trip. It was
a beautiful, hot day and the students enjoyed the thrill of the
rides. After hours of fun, the trip stopped off for a pizza and ziti
catered dinner catered by Jerusalem Restaurant in Elizabeth,
New Jersey. Thank you to Rabbi Landsman, Rabbi Kramer, Rabbi
Nat, Rabbi Howitt, Ms. Schlisser, Mrs. Orlanski, Mrs. Finkel,
Mrs. Jaffe, and Morah Sara Shenas for chaperoning the trip.

On June 8 and June 9, students in grades one through five participated in our
annual Writing Festival. Every student had a chance to share their wonderful
writing from throughout the year with family and friends. We are so proud of
every child for all of their incredible accomplishments in literacy this
year. Special thanks to Mrs. Cohen and to the amazing teachers for putting
together such an enjoyable and outstanding program!