Grade 5 Mishna-thon Luncheon 

Friday June 10th 2022

Our Mishna-thon was a smashing success. The Grade 5 students completed and were misayem Masechet Brachot twice in one day. Our students engaged in a meaningful Torah learning atmosphere, enjoyed refreshments, heard wonderful Divrei Torah, ate a catered lunch from Holy Schnitzel, and received an Artscroll Interlinear Pirkei Avot to continue their engagement in limmud mishnayot outside of the event. 

Thank you Rabbi Ribalt, Shirley Pourad, and the wonderful Judaic Studies Team for putting the program together. May our students have much bracha and continue in the path of learning of Torah and engaging in Mitzvot.

On Tuesday some of the kindergartens were visited by Hatzolah. No, they weren’t sick, but they did have the opportunity to learn all about what Hatzolah does. Mr. Malakov, a kindergarten parent and EMT, taught the children all about how Hatzolah helps people. The children got to go into the ambulance, so they could see the equipment used by the Hatzolah volunteers to aid the sick and injured. It was exciting, and they learned a lot!

During 2021 and 2022, the YCQ Debate Team participated in the Middle School Yeshiva Debate
Society against many other schools. The students wrote speeches on a multitude of topics, such as
children and electronic use and even taxes on chips, soda, and fast food.

On Monday, May 23, the YCQ Debate Team competed in the 2022 Middle School Yeshiva Debate
Society Championship. The topic was “armed security in private and public schools.” Both sides
made commendable arguments. In all three debates during the year, YCQ had the best scores, and
won the 2022 Middle School Debate Society Championship.

The students worked diligently and did very well. I would like to congratulate all the participating
schools on their achievements throughout the year. Schools that participate in the Debate
Society include YCQ, HALB, Flatbush, Yavneh, SAR, HAFTR, Noam, Kushner, Barkai, HANC, and
Westchester Day.

The 2021-2022 YCQ Debate Team members are: Menashe Basalely, Eyal Traeger, Pauline Tawil, Sara
Sullivan, Rebecca Sisser, Michael Zavulun, Elianah Aminova, Adam Kaykov, Gabriel Koptiev, Assaf
Davidov, Yair Davidov, Emily Akbshev, Benjamin Toobian, Jonathan Khaimov, Liora Ashurov, Ariel
Pinkhasov, Aviel Babaev, and Adam Pinkhasov

Lag Ba’Omer Color War in Grades 1-5 was a colorful success! Four teams in each grade (Red, Blue, Yellow, and White) competing in different categories, each student had a chance to shine! It was a day packed with relay races, Kahoot trivia games, cheers, Hakarat Hatov letters, dances, games, and a special BBQ to celebrate Lag Ba’Omer! Every student, class, and team brought their very best effort. Congratulations on the win, YELLOW TEAM!

JHS Color War was a roaring triumph! Students in Grades 6-8 divided into the Blue Team and Red Team. Each student had the opportunity to participate in an array of different activities. They shined at banner, stomp, dance, song, games, sports, and so much more. There was Ruach and Achdut. Everyone had an absolute blast. Special thanks to Mrs. Aliza Willig for arranging all the teams and activities, and to the Generals and Captains for leading their teams. BLUE TEAM won this year, but everyone can agree that it was a Color War for the books!

On Tuesday, the Crafting For Critter Club, led by Ms. Picciano, went to deliver all of the hand-made
pet toys they had made during Friday clubs this year. The Club members include Grade 8: Chana
Orenbuch, Liora Haimoff, and Tzippora Gold; Grade 7: Avraham Rotlevi, Akiva Steinman, Michael
Zavulun, Avigdor, Zweihorn, Daniel Rozic, Talia Zaurov, Tami Landsberg, Chana Bezalel, Gabriel
Koptiev, Adelina Gavrilov, Yair Davidov, and Assaf Davidov; and Grade 6: Liat Pinkhasov, Avigail
Lalehzari, and Mazal Kahlon. They made 19 rope tug toys, 16 plush squeaker toys, and 14 cat toys.
In addition, they also donated 5 leashes, 1 harness, 1 collar, 1 crate, 2 food bowls, 18 store-bought
toys, 30 cans of dog food, a dog bed, and 2 bottles of pet shampoo.

At the shelter, the students met with one of the dog trainers. She discussed what the shelter does,
and the communities it serves. They learned about the process of how animals end up at the shelter,
how the shelter helps the animals, and how the animals get adopted. They toured and saw all the
dogs, cats, and kittens at the shelter. They went behind the scenes, and saw where the animals get
treated by the vet, food is prepared, and bedding is washed.

The highlight of the shelter visit was getting to pet four baby kittens waiting until they are old enough
to go to a foster home to get adopted, and meeting Ms. Piggles, a sweet mixed breed dog ready
to be adopted. If your family or someone you know is looking to adopt a dog or cat, please visit the
Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter at 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh, NY, 11793, 516-785-5220.

The positive energy was palpable as the incoming Grade 6 students sat with their parents to learn about the Junior High School and the transitions that they can expect.

Rabbi Landsman addressed the entire group and quoted a story from Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski of blessed memory. He described how the lobster sheds its protective shell in order to grow. This process is difficult for the lobster and leaves him vulnerable. However, it is necessary in order for him to grow and develop. Similarly, the beginnings of Junior High may have some discomfort, which is inherent to change, but a necessary part of development. Rabbi Landsman reassured the crowd that we will be there to support and guide the students through it.

The girls had a rotation of rooms to visit where they met Morot, Rabbi Hamel, and Mrs. Elana Joffe, the school Social Worker. The boys remained in the multi purpose room where Ms. Schlisser addressed them. She spoke about academic and life skills that are taught in JHS such as digital citizenship, responsibilities, note taking, study skills and time management. She encouraged the participants to visit her office and discuss anything they like.

Dr. Emily Witty, the K-8 ELA coordinator presented the critical skills that are the focus in JHS as well as the data driven instruction that takes place. Mrs. Esther Lowinger, the 5 – 8 Math Chair explained how students are tracked in math classes, and encouraged parents to partner with teachers via Parent Locker. Ms. Michali Betesh, a Math Teacher and YCQ graduate, warmly welcomed the students. Mrs. Hindy Howitt, the 6th grade Social Studies Teacher, presented how Ancient Civilizations are taught with connections to Jewish History. Mrs. Jen Jaffe presented the updated computer curriculum and the hands on science programs.

This was then repeated with the girls while the boys rotated rooms, much like they will in a typical day of departmentalized learning. Rabbi Hamel gave each attendee a plus five point card to be applied to any test of their choice. The evening concluded with warmth and anticipation of a successful start in September.

Healthy & Wise finished up for this year. The students have learned so many heathy habits to
practice. They know that in order to grow big and strong they need to do as many healthy habits as
possible. All of the healthy habits work together. The students can now help their friends and families
make healthy choices when they go to the grocery store, restaurants, and even when they play. I am
sure I will see everyone bigger and stronger next year.

After much anticipation and preparation for his visit, picture book author Paul Czajak finally arrived on Wednesday, May 25 to present an inspiring and interactive presentation for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at YCQ! Mr. Czajak is the author of Trees Make Perfect Pets, The Book Tree, and the “Monster and Me” series. Mr. Czajak emphasized that all his creative book ideas came from a wide range of people, places, and books. The author invited several children to create their own personal stories using a model that all tales have a beginning, a middle, and an end. There is always a what, why, conflict (or problem), and resolution (or end). The students were prompted with each to combine their separate efforts into a creative story of their own. Mr. Czajak further emphasized that all good stories require frequent revisions. None of his successful books were perfect the first time, as all needed up to five or six corrective efforts. The final message to our impressionable students at the end of this memorable program is that writing requires practice and patience, and we all have memorable ideas that can transform from a simple story into a book. Thank you, YCQ PTO, for generously making this event possible.

The weather is getting warm and summer is on it’s way. What better way to celebrate the season then to plant. Some of the Kindergarten students planted beans. They didn’t get bean stalks, but they grew really pretty plants. One class planted grass which grew really fast! Our nurseries are still charting the progress of their caterpillars, which are now in chrysalises. Any day now they will turn into butterflies. They also learned about tadpoles and frogs. The children made their own frogs. They also jumped and croaked like frogs. What fun!

The four-year-old Nursery students had their Siyum this week, as they finished learning the Alef Bet. Rabbi Landsman took out the Torah in the shul. Each child got to choose a letter in the Torah to read. The children each got an Alef Bet mug filled with Alef Bet cookies. Learning our Hebrew letters is sweet!

Though it rained on Lag Ba’omer, it did not dampen our spirits. Every class played games in their rooms, like “Duck, Duck, Goose” and “Musical Chairs.” The children ate a picnic lunch in their classrooms, and enjoyed marshmallows around a pretend indoor campfire. Everyone loved their rainbow ices!

The YCQ PTO held a Supperette in the Dining Hall to honor departing faculty members Mrs. Ellen Orlanski, Mrs. Darlene Picciano, Rabbi Michael Ribalt, and Mrs. Jenni Chubak. Friends, colleagues, students, and families of the honorees all attended. Rabbi Mark Landsman, Principal, Ms. Odelia Schlisser, JHS Assistant Principal of Secular Studies, Rabbi Moshe Hamel, JHS Assistant Principal of Judaic Studies, and Mrs. Melissa Cohen, Elementary Assistant Principal of Secular Studies, spoke about the impact each honoree had on YCQ during their career. “This time of year is always bittersweet, as we say goodbye to beloved faculty,” remarked Mrs. Julie Faska, Co-President of the YCQ PTO, “but we also enjoy an evening full of friendship.” Thank you to the YCQ PTO Superette Committee, who did a super job creating a beautiful event: Mrs. Jen Jaffe, Mrs. Melissa Stock, Mrs. Eliana Langbaum, and Mrs. Vered Besalel.