Rosh Chodesh Kislev

Friday November 20th 2020

This past Tuesday, we celebrated Rosh Chodesh Kislev with an inspiring, beautiful Rosh Chodesh Hallel davening led by YCQ eighth grade Rebbe, Rabbi Nat. Special thanks to Mr. Weinstock and the IT department for    arranging live streaming of our seventh and eighth grade boys hallel into all the classrooms of the school. We hope and pray that the month of    Kislev will bring much needed light to our world.

This past Thursday, November 12, the eighth graders participated in the opening event of this years Names, Not Numbers program. Names, Not Numbers is an organization developed by Tova and Dov Rosenberg that creates documentary films featuring eighth graders interviewing Holocaust survivors in order to preserve their personal accounts of their Holocaust experiences for posterity. Students who participate are truly part of Jewish history as they meet with survivors as well as learn interview,       videography, and editing skills. Special thanks to Rabbi Hamel for supporting and encouraging this     important endeavor, as well as to Ms. Schlisser and Ms. Klein for speaking and arranging this historic event.

This past Friday November 13, the sixth grade boys received their Gemarot as they begin their study of Torah shebal peh. The boys gathered in the lunchroom in a socially distanced atmosphere with their Gemara Rebbeim Rabbi Finestone, Rabbi Kramer and Rabbi Rosenfelt. In honor of the occasion Rabbi Finestone invited Rabbi Ben-Tzion Chait a Rosh Yeshiva at   Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Kew Gardens Hills to deliver words of inspiration to the boys. Rabbi Chait told some incredible stories of the sacrifice, strength and courage that various Gedolom had to make Torah learning the main goal of their lives. Special thanks to Rabbi Finestone for organizing the event and to Rabbi Chait for being our special guest. May       HaShem bless our students to continue to grow in their Torah learning for many years to come in good health and happiness.

This past Sunday November 15 Rabbi Finkelstein gave a fantastic shiur to our Sunday learning program zoom participants in grades 5-8 on the topic of hashgacha paratit, divine intervention. He told some personal stories about how certain events happened and it just cannot possibly be a chance happening, rather must be the hand of HaShem.

Rabbi Finkelstein asked the participants to go and ask their parents to describe how they met and to describe how if one detail would not have happened that student would not be here today.

He then showed a video featuring Rabbi Yoel Gold who told an incredible story about a man who needed a kidney to live and the unbelievable hashgacha paratit that transpired! Special thanks to Rabbi Finkelstein for preparing such an outstanding shiur and to Rabbi  Bernstein for coordinating such inspiring Sunday  learning programs.