Sunday Learning Program November 14

Friday November 19th 2021

Guest Speaker Rabbi Dov Keilson, Mashgiach Ruchni at Mesivta Chaim Shlomo, a Division of Yeshiva Darchei Torah, presented his lecture titled “A Proud Jew.” His lectures, known for their passion, have inspired hundreds of people to raise their level of Avodas Hashem. Rabbi Keilson is the author of the new book, “Open Your Eyes – Seeing Hashem Everywhere.” Thank you, Rabbi Keilson, for performing your original music and inspiring the YCQ community with your enthusiasm!

Mishna Shiur is a “by invitation only” program for YCQ’s Grades 6, 7, and 8 Boys. It’s a three-year program in which students complete three difficult Mesechtot; Bava Kama, Bava Metziah, and Bava Batra; one Mesechta per year. These contain critical ideas encountered in high school and beyond. Grade 8 students are paired with Grade 6 students and work together to prepare the Mishna by themselves B’chavruta! The goal is to introduce higher-level study that serves as the foundation of their learning experience throughout their lives.

The highlight of the year is the final Siyum. Parents are invited, each student takes a specific portion of the Mishna, and that year’s Mesechta is summarize and completed. Rabbi Landsman stresses how important this Shiur is to YCQ, and how much Nachat it gives him to see the boys’ accomplishments. He states that, “The next great Rosh Yeshiva may come from this wonderful group.”

Three YCQ Debate Team tryouts were held to make sure everyone got to present not only once, but twice! This was to make sure the selection was ultra-fair, with input from the four Grade 8 Captains. Reports Mr. Ehrenkranz, “Debate competition has appropriately been characterized as a game of intellect. In fact, I consider debate a sport. Debaters are judged on the skill manifested in their performances. As is the case with nearly all sports, the excitement of aspiring to defeat your rivals, and the suspense and anticipation of the judge’s scoring, promote the enkindling of the whole team. First Debate: December 15, 2021.”

The team is made up of: Emily Akbashev, Elianah Aminova, Liora Ashurov, Max Basalely, Assaf Davidov, Yair Davidov,
Jonathan Kaimov, Adam Pinkhasov, Ariel Pinkhasov, Rebecca Sisser (Captain), Akiva Steinman, Sarah Sullivan (Captain) Pauline Tawil (Captain), Ben Toobian, Eyal Traeger (Captain Michael Zavulun

The entire YCQ Faculty participated in our annual Professional Development Day on November 11. Rabbi Shay Schachter, Rosh Bais Medrash of the Young Israel of Woodmere, kicked off the day with words of inspiration. The Jewish Education Project Keynote Address was delivered by Dr. Betsy Stone. The day concluded with a presentation, “CBT for Challenging Behaviors,” by Mr. Dovi Edell and Dr. Jonathan Cohen from The Pathways Program. Thank you to all of the presenters and all those who participated in a successful day of learning and growth.

The Grade 6 Girls celebrated at an incredible Bat Mitzvah Workshop Wednesday night! Thank you Rabbi Landsman, Morah Bienenfeld, Morah Engelson, Rabbi Hamel, Mrs. EIana Joffe, Mrs. Jen Jaffe, and Morah Leemor Abraham for organizing the event, and thank you to all of the adults and students that made this evening so much fun!

Mrs. Eryn Kaplan enjoys bringing her lessons to life. It was no surprise in November when her students heard about cooking in class. The class started off the unit by stirring things up. The unit on the Iroquois culture describes the “Three Sisters.” The class created a stew that the boys made and ate. The aroma of the stew wafted through the halls of YCQ. Google Classroom provided the opportunity for the boys to share this recipe with their families. Agi’a!

The Grade 7 boys had an incredible Bar Mitzvah Workshop Monday night! Thank you Rabbi Landsman, Rabbi Hamel, and Rabbi Bernstein for organizing the event, and thank you to all the adults and students that made the event so much fun!

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, Grades 6 and 7 girls went on a biking trip in Flushing Meadows Park last week. What an awesome and fun bonding experience to bring in the joyous month of Kislev!

This Tuesday the students of Class 5-300 at YCQ attemped to build the largest tower out of Mike and Ikes and marshmallows. They had two small packs of Mike and Ikes, a decent number of marshmallows and about 20-30 toothpicks. In class 5-300 we had many different strategies, and the towers took on many dimensions. Some students stacked high, and the towers came crashing down. Many kids had difficulty, and many did it with ease! When they were all finished, they got to eat all the candies that they were given to build their structure! The winner was Jacob Geula, in second place was Naftali Hativi and in third was Nehorai Avramcheyiv.

Ms. Rosenblum’s Grade 5 Literacy Club is progressing nicely in its reading of “The Unteachables” by Gordon Korman. The students focused on the characters in the book: who are the favorites, non-favorites, and their traits, feelings, and actions. They drew pictures of what they thought the characters looked like. Thank you, Ms. Rosenblum, for encouraging students to love reading!