Supply Lists 2022-23

Monday July 18th 2022

Dear parents,

Please see below for supply lists for the upcoming school year.

With close to 100 people participating, the YCQ Class of 1972 50th Anniversary Reunion, held on Sunday, May 1 at YCQ, was a huge success. Enjoying a sunny sky and a light breeze, members of the YCQ graduating class reconnected, reminisced, and reveled in the company of their former classmates. In addition to the former students and their spouses who attended the event at YCQ, many members of the class of 1972 attended via Zoom, from as far away as Europe and Israel.


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Watch this week’s Video of the Week!

We invite you to meet your teachers and learn all about the 2021-2022 curriculum!

To all Parents and Families, as well as Teachers as Staff of YCQ,
This year, YCQ PTO is supplying you with access to a file containing all school related events that can be imported into your own Outlook calendar. Below is the link for the download and instructions on how to import the dates into your personal calendar on 4 different platforms.

Download link –

Different Platforms:
• Windows Page 2
• MAC Page 3-4
• Gmail Calendar Page 5
• Apple Calendar Page 5 We hope this is helpful.
Have a great rest of your Summer!

Instructions Download –

The supply lists for grades N-8 for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year are now available. This is a generic list that applies to each child for his or her grade.

For your convenience, YCQ is using a new tool as an option to help make the back-to-school supply list chore easier for our parents— TeacherLists. It’s a one stop site where you can always find the most up to date supply lists and teacher wish lists for our school. You may opt to purchase all supplies on your own as well. 

*If you do use the TeacherLists option, please make sure to double check that your cart and supply list match.

To instantly access our lists, simply click here Yeshiva Of Central Queens.

This will take you directly to our school’s page on TeacherLists  or you can also go directly to and type in our school’s zip code, 11367.  

Your lists are available 24/7 from any device—even on your smart phone while you’re out at the store (no more worrying about lost lists).Follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose Grade
  2. Return to top of the page and choose where you would like to shop 
  3. You can now edit number of items or remove items you do not wish to purchase
  4. Then continue to store of your choice at bottom of list
  5. Once in your cart, you will see brands and costs
  6. Edit and purchase–please compare your shopping list in your cart to the YCQ school supply list as some items may not be available on the website or may not be applicable to your child.

This years eighth grade students graduated this past week in a beautiful ceremony at
YCQ. The ceremonies started on Tuesday night for the boys and was followed by the
girls the next evening. Dr. Wein, Mr. Glaser, Rabbi Landsman, Ms. Schlisser, Gabriel
Khaimov and Michaela Kovan (valedictorians) addressed the graduates and their
families. All those who attended enjoyed the beautiful video made by Mrs. Jaffe.
Diplomas were awarded to each student followed by Maariv. Thank you to the entire
eighth grade parent committee for organizing the collation at YCQ and the gift to the
graduates. Mazel Tov to all the eighth graders and their families as they embark on their
future journeys.

Last Thursday evening, the eighth grade students and their teachers
participated in a beautiful Senior Awards Dinner at the home of fellow
graduate, Natan Aranbaiev. Each student received a specific award designed
especially for them. During the ceremony, students and faculty ate dinner and
enjoyed a ruach filled kumzits. An inspiring siyum on the entire Masechet Bava
Metzia on behalf of the entire eighth grade was led by Rabbi Nat’s Gemara
shiur. Special thanks to Rabbi Hamel, Mr. Aaron Kessler, and Mrs. Gloria
Grossman for arranging the entire evening. Thank you to the Aranbaiev family
for hosting.

The Kindergarten classes held their annual graduation ceremony this past
Wednesday. Each class performed a play including singing and dancing from the
knowledge they have attained this school year. The students truly made their
Morot proud! Thank you to Morah Sharon, Morah Suri, Morah Sara, Morah Janet,
Morah Rhona, Morah Ilyce, Morah Adina, Morah Shifra, Morah Daniella, Morah
Jamie, Morah Hannah, Morah Mazal, Morah Jen, Morah Lauren, and Morah Meira
for an incredible school year and graduation performance!