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    Interview With YCQ 81st Anniversary Dinner Honoree ES Assistant Principal Mrs. Melissa Cohen By Ms. Sarah Shenas

    Who was instrumental in helping you get to where you are today? Throughout my years working as a third grade teacher here at YCQ, Rabbi Landsman was a great mentor and always supported me in the classroom. He instilled much confidence in me, which was instrumental in getting to where I am today. I ...[Read More]

    Interview with Coach Evan Daniel

    What is your favorite aspect of running the sports program at YCQ? I’ve always played and coached to win games and the support I’ve gotten from the administration including Rabbi Landsman and Rabbi Hamel has been tremendous from Day 1. Some schools treat sports as just another after school prog...[Read More]

    YCQ Museum of Early Childhood Art By Mrs. Sharon Korn

    If you want to see an amazing art exhibit, just come to the Kindergarten at YCQ. The children learn all about different artists and the styles in which they painted. One class learned about George Seurat and Pointillism. The children studied his paintings made of dots and then made their own dot pa...[Read More]

    Skeleton Science! By Eyal Traeger (8B1)

    On Wednesday, December 22, the Grade 8 students of Yeshiva of Central Queens were able to create a model skeleton. In Mrs. Orlanski’s science class, the students were given papers that had images of the skeletal system. The students labeled the different bones and cut them out. They then pasted t...[Read More]

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Our Mission

The Yeshiva of Central Queens is dedicated to providing our students with the best possible educational, social and emotional experience in a Torah environment. YCQ recognizes the unique qualities of each student and encourages the development of self-knowledge and awareness in a loving and accepting environment. Together with a strong academic program in Judaic and General Studies, YCQ imparts ahavat Yisrael, her people and her history. In addition, we instill an understanding and appreciation of the Hebrew language, Medinat Yisrael and our heritage.

Our Vision

Our goal is to cultivate in our students a desire for knowledge and a love for a Torah way of Life. We want to celebrate each achievement as they journey through our stimulating educational environment where they will find a high standard of learning, along with mutual respect and warmth; where every student feels welcome. Through a partnership between administration, faculty and parents every child will be guided to reach their fullest potential and gain a set of moral values based on honesty, integrity, trust and good judgment.

Our History

The history of the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) dates back to 1940 when New York City had 11 yeshiva day schools located in the other boroughs. Parents who wanted a yeshiva education for their children had to subject them to long daily commutes or have them live away from home. As a result, YCQ was established in 1941 to fill the need for quality local yeshiva education; reaching all parts of the large and continually growing borough of Queens and surrounding communities. After almost eighty years later YCQ remains a beacon of excellence in Jewish education. Thus bringing to fruition the dream of the Yeshiva of Central Queens founders, that a high-quality, nurturing Jewish education is always available and never far from home.