After School Programs


Students begin to identify and classify their world through their art by exploring and experimenting with materials and techniques, creating various projects.

Basketball (Grades 3-4 Boys and Girls)

Children who complete this program will have learned how to shoot, pass, dribble, and much more. They learn the rules of basketball and most importantly, they come away confident that they can play with their friends and not be left out.

Chess (Grades 1-4 Boys and Girls)

Students will be grouped by skill and taught by experienced chess coaches who will implement an established teaching system to ensure that the students enjoy themselves while becoming mature and well respected chess players.

Dance (Grades 1-4 Girls)

Students will have the opportunity to exercise their whole body–arms, legs, lungs, heart and mind. Routines and movements practiced in early dance will help increase their flexibility, strength, endurance, focus, and coordination while having fun and listening to great music.

Gymnastics (Grades K-4 Girls)

Students will learn new skills and master old while building self-confidence though hard-work and practice. Gymnastics, will help increase their flexibility, strength, endurance, focus, and coordination.

Krav Maga (Grades K-4 Boys and Girls)

Our special program allows children to participate in an Israeli Self Defense class. Your children will learn the art of Karate as well as basic Israeli Self-defense techniques. The class will improve focus, strength, flexibility, stamina, self-esteem, discipline and much more.

Lego (Grades 1-4 Boys and Girls)

Students will be given Lego challenges based on their skill level. They will use the engineering design process to create their own designs, then build those designs learning how to problem-solve, work as a part of a team, and have a great time building and crating with friends.

Mishmar (Grades 4-8 Boys and Girls)

Our Mishmar program is for grades 4-8 with separate classes for boys and girls. Students will listen to shiurim from their Rebbes, participate in engaging and meaningful discussings participate in activities connecting learning Torah with fun in a safe environment.

Obstacle Course (Grades 1-4 Boys and Girls)

When children encounter obstacles in an obstacle course, they develop and enhance strength and balance getting a full-body workout in a fun environment. It is also will teach physical fitness, teamwork, and evaluating problem solving skills. Typical courses involve obstacles the participants must climb over, crawl under, balance, hang, jump

STEAM 1-4 (Grades 1-4 Boys and Girls)

A hands-on, action-packed environment! Each week, the class will be actively exploring a concept related to science, math, engineering or art. Students will conduct science experiments, try out unplugged coding activities, strengthen math skills with grade-level-appropriate games and unlock their creativity through engineering challenges and art projects.

4:30 ROOM (Grades N-4 Boys and Girls)

Afterschool service where students remain in school until 4:30 and receive HW help and snack.

STEM Enrichment (JHS)

  • E2K- Grade 6
  • Grade 6 students are invited into this prestigious program where they have the unique opportunity to participate in learning topics in science, math, and technology with the main focus on indroductory engineering skills –in a hands-on. The curriculum was developed in Israel by the Center for Excellence through Education (CIJE)
  • Robotics Grade 7
  • Grade 7 Students are invited into this prestigious program learn basic coding and design skills, then build robots based on those designs. They will participate in a nationwide Middle School Robotics Competition where they are given a problem and they have to design and create a robot that will solve the problem.  Students work in teams of 4-5 students).
  • SET3- Grade 8
  • Grade 8 students who have completed the robotics club are invited to participate in SET3 where they focus on different areas of engineering, math, science, and technology through hands on experiments and projects, teaching students how to apply these concepts to their own lives as they experience the world around them.  They are given problems and work together to come up with solutions. The goal is to engage and maintain student interest, as well as prepare them to continue in the STEM programs offered by the Yeshiva High Schools.


  • Under the direction of Rabbi Ophie Nat, YCQ’s Mishna program gives a group of approximately 20 hand-picked 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys the opportunity to study Mishna in much greater depth. Meeting after school once a week for the three years of the program, these students work with Rabbi Nat and in chavruta workshops with each other to study the Mishna and commentaries.
  • By the time they finish the program, students have completed the three tractates of Baba Kama, Baba Metzia, and Baba Basra. Their learning culminates in a siyum celebration to which parents are invited, and each students proudly presents his chosen section of the text to his parents and peers.


  • Judaic Studies Enrichment Club students learn to build skills in kriah and vocabulary through a program of Pirkei Avot and inspiring stories. Culminating in tickets, prizes, and year end trip.