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LONG ISLAND – Please go through your school district for transportation:

District 15: 516-295-7065

District 14: 516-792-4809

West Hempstead: 516-390-3112

Great Neck: 516-441-4000

Valley Stream: 516-434-2838

Roslyn: 516-801-5190

QUEENS – New Transportation Program

We are pleased to announce that YCQ is now working with a private bus company, Seth Transportation, with new drivers. We appreciate your patience with YCQ’s Transportation Office as we work to create a smooth, safe, comfortable, and streamlined system. No changes to the scheduled routes or stops will be accepted until Monday, October 31.

When will busing start?

 ALL busing will begin on Tuesday, September 6, 2022

When Do I Receive Bus Stop Information?

YCQ is working diligently with Seth Transportation to finalize the bus routes. As soon as it is complete, an email will be sent with busing information.

Where Will My Bus Stop Be?

A bus stop can be up to two blocks from your home. Seth Transportation and YCQ are working very hard to accommodate all families.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Daniella Rafael,

718-793-8500 ext. 330, or [email protected]. Thank you!