Sunday Learning

Friday November 20th 2020

This past Sunday November 15 Rabbi Finkelstein gave a fantastic shiur to our Sunday learning program zoom participants in grades 5-8 on the topic of hashgacha paratit, divine intervention. He told some personal stories about how certain events happened and it just cannot possibly be a chance happening, rather must be the hand of HaShem.

Rabbi Finkelstein asked the participants to go and ask their parents to describe how they met and to describe how if one detail would not have happened that student would not be here today.

He then showed a video featuring Rabbi Yoel Gold who told an incredible story about a man who needed a kidney to live and the unbelievable hashgacha paratit that transpired! Special thanks to Rabbi Finkelstein for preparing such an outstanding shiur and to Rabbi  Bernstein for coordinating such inspiring Sunday  learning programs.